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Engineering Service
From conceptual design to pre-production sampling, Chin Sheng serves as a development partner for wire harness, over molding prototype and pre-production needs. For over 2 decades, we have helped our clients enhance or redesign their products to further improve product performance and save additional hidden cost.
Chin Sheng supports all four major steps in developing a new harness:
Conceptual configuration
Chin Sheng professional personnel with extensive experience in wire/cable manufacturing and design that anticipates your manufacturing process to prevent from any possible problems before occurring.
Chin Sheng also supports all phases of design and engineering service for new wire harnesses and over molded products including:
   Prototyping   Insert & Overmolding
Design for Efficiency
We help you consider all aspects of your wiring harness design, from the impact on the assembly process to the rigors of your product’s operating environment. With decades of experience and our commitment to staying on the leading edge of cabling technology, our support team will help minimize your time to market with efficient layout and prototype production.
Pre-production design proof
Chin Sheng cares about all tiny details. We understand the intricacies of superior cable design to determine the relative dimensions needed.  Properly tooling design requires the insight of the manufacturing professionals like us. Chin Sheng puts its extensive manufacturing experience to work and confirms our customer’s tooling is designed and built to perform to exacting specifications.
Pre-Production trial runs prior to mess production
Chin Sheng provides 50-1000 units to support testing and prove the manufacturing process prior to mass production. This pre-production run is significantly important to ensure that quality standards are met at your anticipated production levels.
OEM / ODM Service
Chin Sheng offers full range OEM/ODM services, including design, label, production, packaging, inspection and delivery. We work closely with all customers to ensure that the finished product matches their exact expectations. Each R&D member has their own unique specialties and knowledge in various sectors including computer technology, design and market analysis. The team balances each other's talents and work towards a common goal to provide better design and consulting solutions. Our R&D team is able to integrate function with durability and push your product standards to the next level.
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