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RoHs Compliance
Chin Sheng realizes that eco issue is important to our environment. From July first 2006 European Union requires all eletronic products which contain chemicals such as cadmium, cadmium compound, lead, lead compound, mercury, mercury compound, chromium compound, PBB, PBDE must meet the critria of their WEEE policy.

Therefore, Chin Sheng not only insists to comply EU WEEE regulation but also offers the products which pass WEEE policy for our clients upon their request. To make sure this process has been consisted, we also require our distributors and contracted suppliers must achieve such standards. Below is how we make our products to comply with WEEE regulation.

1. Our products have been sent to certified organizations to test if they break down EU WEEE regulation. For the products which cannot pass RoHS, we always bring the new resolutions.
2. The RoHS is our priority when designing the new products, so we always carefully select materials which meet WEEE requirement.
3. We inform our material suppliers and distributor the importance of RoHS consistly to ensure that they can offer the service and products which obey RoHS.
4. We offer the service and products which meet the standard of RoHS upon clients' request.
5. We provide our employers technical training about RoHS to make sure that they understand the importance of RoHs for our clients.
6. We also review our products and service regularly to meet RoHS. If our products or service cannot pass RoHs, we always offer an immediate action to our clients.